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      Brief Introduction of Enterprise

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      Jiangsu Hongtai Machinery & Electric (group) Co., Ltd. the state-owned enterprise, over 30 years history, has 8 branches,3 subsidiary companies,1 scientific institute with total assets 300 million and 450,000 square meters area.
        Taizhou Qionghua Gearing Machines General Factory, one of the closest branches of Hongtai group, has many famous products, for Qionghua brand cyclical pin-wheel decelerator, cycloidal pin-wheel electric roller, cylindrical gearing decelerator, Rigidly face decelerator and worm wheel decelerator, etc. The enterprise has introduced over 10 sets advanced Auto-production Lines from other countries and regions. It has advanced ISO9001 administration, more than 200 junior college talents. Its products are widely used for mine, metallurgy, chemistry industry, pharmacy, paper making food stuff machine, construction, and transportation, etc, and those are saling well in civil markets and over 10 countries regions.
        The president, Mr.Zhou Decai with all stuffs is willing to welcome all the friends from different circles for business and cooperation.